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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I kind of feel unphotogenic and awkward in front of the camera. Do you instruct for posing? 

    • The feeling of unphotogenic and awkwardness usually comes from past there someone pointing a camera/phone at you and most they said before the shot is “Smile!” or “Cheese”. A good image comes from proper communication, and knowing the lighting and poses based on a person's individual unique body type. Yes, I absolutely provide direction wherever and whenever needed, but that doesn’t mean your photos are going to feel stiff or posed. Sometimes giving great direction means letting you know where to go, getting you to do something silly and capturing a REAL moment of laughter between the two of you amidst the set-up shots - usually, these are the most authentic ones.

  • How do I book a date?

    • The easiest way to contact me is through the contact form. If you’re in a rush or seeking a photo session with short notice then feel free to give me a call.

  • How many photos will I get?

    • It depends on the package you decide to choose and what outcomes you are looking for. First priority for me is to cover your needs. This will be discussed prior to the photo session and there is always a possibility to purchase additional images.

  • How long will it take to get my photos?

    • Portrait and event image turnaround times are usually 10 business days. A commercial-level project can take 20-30 business days. It all depends on the work scope and size. All photo sessions are different by nature and outcome. I discuss and inform the client beforehand what’s the estimated turnaround time. 

  • How do I get my photos after?

    • Photos are accessible after payment via dedicated private picture sharing platform Access to images is available for 3 months/90 days.

  • Do I get the copyright/ownership of my portrait images?

    • I am the copyright owner of the images. However, you can share, print, and use your images for personal use however you see fit. I do not watermark my images  - except SAMPLE images. What you can’t do is provide them to any sort of commercial entity for commercial use, so if your venue, sponsor, makeup artist or business partner contacts you about using my images to promote their business, just send them my way - I would be happy to work out a usage agreement. 

NB! The different agreement options apply to business packages.

  • Do you deliver RAW files?

    • If you are highly interested in having the RAW files these are available with an additional fee and an agreement. Capturing RAW files is to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and colour information is available for my editing and creative expression purposes. I deliver edited and finished images in JPEG file format and do not include RAW files with my packages.

  • What's your payment structure?

    • Once the photo session date is confirmed booking fee has to be paid to lock in your booking. Generally, the booking fee is 50.- AUD per session and is not refundable. For a bigger and more in-depth photo session (weddings, events, commercial campaigns) booking fee is 25% of the quoted price. 

  • Are your packages taxed?

    • Yes, tax is included in packaged prices.

  • What’s your cancellation/rescheduling policy? What if I need to reschedule? What is your cancellation policy?

    • Everyone has unexpected life events or occurrences that can disturb our natural life flow and harshly drive into our plans. First rescheduling is free on based of a valid reason. Every other rescheduling after that requires a new booking fee. All booking fees are non-refundable.

  •  What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t photograph me?

    • Most likely we can reschedule more suitable times or I can recommend other industry professionals that can cover your needs. 


  • How long do you store image files?

    • Files are accessible to you after I’ve sent the link minimum of 3 months. Files stay in my backup server for 2 years/24 months. Feel free to contact me if you have lost your images - a small return fee is applied.

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