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Class dismissed

It has been almost a year when I finished my studies successfully in photography back in Tallinn Polytechnic school (Estonia). There are quite a few things I miss about school - free studio time, printing, film developing room, all the different lenses we could borrow, experiments with light in and out of class, international projects and of course likeminded people.

Netherland internship video by Erki Pärnaku

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I´m a Europe based photographer who travels around the world. Right now I´m in Australia to widen my photography/videography related portfolios and network with models, MUAs and other photo/videographers. I´m keen to bring in different perspectives and standards in composition, lighting and posing. I usually like strong harsh contrasts and colder straight forward tones.

I have done photography in Australia, Thailand, USA, Ecuador, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Estonia.

Sometimes I like to do a shoot on 35mm film (Nikon F50) and develop B&W films on my own. Usually, I do street photography or portraits in nature but also got some really good results in the studio. Now I prefer colored film.

shot on B&W 35mm film in studio
shot on B&W 35mm film in studio

I specialize in portrait, fashion and boudoir photography. And geeking out about light painting for automotive photography. I used to work as a press photographer which was challenging.

boudoir shoots

Now, let us go back to writing blog posts about photography and photos in school. We did not do that to show our work off to the world but it had much more practical purpose - for ourselves and to our classmates. Its sole purpose was to evaluate our work with a critical eye - to see what we did good, not so good and what we can make better next time. Back when it was a task we had to do get our grades to pass the subject.

Sometimes it felt horrible to sit down and write about photos I had taken during a week and we had to do it every week in a school year. It meant that sometimes I had to sit down with my work that felt like shit and describe why it was shit. Yeah, that´s right - nobody is perfect! If you ever meet a photographer who says that he/she has never taken a bad photo if he is a photographer even? This blog here is to share my thoughts about my work. What I did and how I did it. Maybe you can take away something from it or maybe it offers some sort of entertainment.

What you might get out of this blog

  • see beautiful photos

  • getting inspired to be front or behind a camera

  • some interesting adventures

  • technical writing about cameras, light and composition

What I´m getting out of this blog

  • analysis of my photos

  • developing English writing and expression skills

  • overall overview of my development as a photographer

  • structure of my workflow

I really liked the school and the professionalism that has been provided for my profession. And now, in the long run, I understand why writing blog posts in a positive but critical tone was necessary. Now that school is finished, it´s on us to become better and valued professionals in our field of choice.

Class dismissed!

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