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"Know Your Talent" - Dave Ross

Dave Ross is definitely one of Perth's top photographer, on top of that he is a good friend and a person. He was one of the first photographers I met when I arrived in Perth and went to door-to-door of studios to find a photographer's job.

He is well respected in the local community and also published internationally. To see more about him and his views on photography watch the video.


When I arrived in Perth I used to live in the hostel for quite a while - it has its own charm and charisma to it - new people, new adventures, new stories, and quite a lot of partying. That last part I wasn't interested in as much because I came here to extend my portfolio and skill set.

Dave was one of those guys who offered me to stay at his place - barely knowing me he understood that to perform well you need a good sleep. That was one thing I couldn't get in a hostel. I only had assisted him on a few photo sessions, did some Behind the scenes videos and he opened his door for me to get some rest.

He was also the one who invited me to the "Homeless Connect" charity event as an additional photographer. He has been a photographer for the "Special Children Christmas Party" and many other charity events.

Dave Ross published in Faddy Magazine

He was also a photographer who introduced hunk-of-a-man like me to fashion photography - all those posing and light rule-breaking became kinda obsession of mine. Still, you have to know the rules to break them.


One thing that I admire about him is his negotiation skills. I think his previous experience working in the Australian Post leading role has given him good negotiation skills that he has successfully carried to his current line of work. Quite often I have asked advice about price negotiations and/or interacting with a difficult client.

As I mentioned before - communication is the KEY! One of the main pillars of a great photo is good interaction with a model/client. It´s just not enough "go-there-and-do-something" attitude - it´s a lazy approach and not enough prep-work from a photographer's side.


I'm quite fortunate to call Dave my friend. I have learned a lot from him about fashion photography and interactions with a client. There have been few times when I just wanna say to the difficult client to buzz off with their ever-growing demands and expectations but after talking to Ross, he finds a way to turn demands into opportunity. Also, solid contracts are a huge help on that part, but that's the story for another time.

Go give a peek at his webpage:

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