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Bianca Gayle Jewellery

There is one thing (out of many) I love about my job - it's passion. Passion in me, getting invested and figuring out the best solutions. And passion in the client makes me even more motivated. One of those clients is Bianca Gayle Jewellery.

model Marie-Claire, Bianca and Drew

Her own words are:

"I’ve got something I want to share with you. I’ve always been a happy person. This isn’t news to people who know me, by the way. They’ll tell you I’m the most positive person you’ll ever meet. Not the “bubbly overly excitable in your face” kind of positive. More like the “look on the bright side” kind of positive. I have a “cup is always half full” attitude and always see the funny side of things. I don’t believe there is room in my life to be any other way."

I met her and her partner through mutual training at Perth Martial Arts Academy. I started interacting with her partner Andrew in training because he is one of the best fighters in Academy. Plus I really enjoy wrestling and training with him, every session I learn something new. One interaction leads to another and I got the offer to shoot for their growing brand.

Bianca Gayle Jewellery's main focus is earrings but also offers nice necklaces and keyrings. It's a brand that stands for good times, finding joy, feeling great (and looking good) and spreading those positive vibes to everyone you meet.


I like that clients have a vision for choosing locations for their brand. They are very symbolic and connected to their personal stories. It gives an extra dimension of warmth and perspective to it. And it helps me out for creating a solid plan on how and what to shoot. Also, I can give model extra info beforehand and makes pre-work much easier.


Clients' wish was to find 3-4 models with whom we can shoot regularly. It was easy to recommend them, models, with whom I worked before. About choosing and finding models I made a blog post last week and it's here. Since it is a small friendly company I decided to introduce to them a few models with whom I like to work and who are reliable.

Marie-Claire Dowling
Rachel Lincoln


Photoshoots I have done so far have been rainy and windy. Clients' concern was the weather, my concern was can model cope with this weather. I really like stormy/rainy weather - the best time for hiking, driving around or reading a book. I took weather circumstances as a challenge and really pushes boundaries of what I can do. Plus, the cloudy sky is a perfect softbox.

Our first shoot was on Matagarup bridge on a stormy evening. I was constantly impressed by how well the model handled wind and rain. Little knowing her, she wants to do the best...always. And I really liked the results. Nice moody pictures while the wind was playing with her hair.

Another shoot was in Secret Garden with its greenery and lush bushes. The forecast showed it's gonna be rainy but we were in luck. It was humid most.


I really like to work with this brand and I feel that we gonna have long fruitful collaboration ahead of us. I love how they perceive the world and the surrounding environment. And most importantly, they trust my decisions which gives me creative freedom.

If you are looking for a good gift for your other side, I would consider Biancas Jewellery

Thank you for attention and stay safe!

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