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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

People who love speed (talking about kilometers per hour not grams per person) know the feeling you get in your stomach when the vehicle of your choice takes proper "step" forward. Feels like butterflies back of your stomach. Well, I got this feeling recently.

As I wrote one of my earlier posts of car meet-up in Malaga. I met quite a few interesting fellas there.

warm color-grade


One of them is Alex. He owns this 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII ADM Australian model. Under the hood it packs a powerful 370 horsepower engine. Tuned and done a dyno run at Tokyo Motorsports about two years ago. He has owned this car for about four years and has invested in it about 30.k Ozzy dollars. This car is packed with rare items. Starting from carbon fiber fuse box cover to the panel that surrounds the central console.

check out this beast of a machine

It' s proper eye-candy on the street also- not too many distracting stickers, custom number plates, rims matching with a body - minimalistic, but expresses enough to stay respected in the top part of the pack. While we were changing shooting locations it turned many heads on the streets. I felt like proper kaiser on the shotgun seat.


I had one location looked out on Mounts Bay road. Parking lot next to the river, nice dark red brick building. My mistake was that I haven't entered the building beforehand. I just had a little peek at the ground floor and assumed that all the interior was build like that. Luckily it had a nice fresh clean concrete interior which was a good reflector for a light. Later in the post-production, I took the tones down to get a minimalistic and clean look.

Actually this time I did three different color gradings. One clean and minimalistic with strong contrast and bit high-key elements in it. Another one was colder tones with low-key elements in it. And the third one went for a classic one - orange-teal. That is amazing how many different ways are in Photoshop to do Split-toning. I should make a blog post about it.

playing with shadows and patterns

This time I was fairly satisfied that I included more environment and did some shadow play. To be honest, we had to change the location. At first location, I got a bit frustrated with the lack of my location scouting. Quite a few times felt that there was no flow and I had to push myself really hard. But admitting that this location does not work for me was hardest. Nobody likes to be wrong. Still, luckily Alex is an understanding and chill guy to hang out with and we changed a location. I'm pretty sure we gonna hang-out more.


As always here are some keynotes to remember for the next time.

Good about this session

  • including and using environment

  • more use of the shadows

  • willing to admit that location didn't do any favors and changing it

Not so good about this session

  • weak location scouting

  • interior shots

For the next session

  • consider multiple locations

  • better lighting conditions for 200mm (earlier start)

  • bracketing shots to avoid strong reflections (only CPL filter does not do the trick)

I don't know how many times I have mentioned that before but bring a tripod. This time I actually did it and it really helped when I did under the hood shot with high f/ number in a darker corner of the parking building. I didn't have much time to talk but that's how it is - once I'm in work-mode with vehicles I'm fully involved. I loved the car, loved the owner.

PRO tip from the owner. Once you want to get yourself a custom plate, don't explain in DMV the meaning of them. They may think that is offensive and block those letter/number combination once for all. Just say you like it.

Still next time - goodbye or K BYE.

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