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Ferrera Design

DESIGNER: Emily Ferrera

6-th of June is the date when the Western Australia state decided to loosen restrictions related to a global pandemic. That meant also that make-up artists could get back to work and offer services. It has been a long time when I had my last photo session but in education vise, it has been fruitful season - had courses from handling webpage SEO to high-end retouching. Refined my old skills and obtained some new ones - I'm happy.


They say that good things come in a bunch. So did my first photo session. Their manager/mom wrote to me on Instagram and expressed interest to do photo session. Her girls are well published and experienced industry-wise plus she said that she would take care of everything else - location, MUA and designer. So how could I say no if everything is well organized?

The models were absolutely fantastic. Both have six years of modeling experience and lots of interesting session behind them.


At the end of the day everything comes down to communication - no matter how inexperienced or experienced models are. Communication is the key! It may take some time to explain vision, ideas, ask opinions and views on the matter. Include everyone on the set, it doesn't mean you have to do it. At the end of the day it's still you who makes a decision what stays in front of the lens or not. It especially important when you do it with a new crew - you learn to know them and what they are comfortable with....yup, sometimes you gotta push the comfort zone and that's okay - not much happening in your comfort zone anyways. That is one thing that I'm thriving for - never leave from the photoshoot with regrets.


As always I like to write down notes from my sessions. I loved a location - it was a salt lake and a beautiful flat area surrounded by bush. It's funny how things happen because few months ago I helped my friend to move Rockingham and while we drove past this salt lake I had an idea that I would like to photograph something stunning over here.

This time I brought little 8 dollar Spudshed foldable stool to stand and sit on - best investment ever. I bought it originally for automotive photography in mind but I can use it successfully in fashion also. It was a lovely session and later got a message from their mom that I'm their favorite photographer now - that was heartwarming.

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