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Huzzard Studio networking event

Working with Huzzards Studio has added me a lot of experience in skillset and opened up an understanding of fashion and light in photography. I remember when I first traveled to Australia in 2015 I found myself specialty I wanted to devote myself - film and photography. Went back home and got a degree in photography and started to build-up myself. Still, I had a little tingle in my heart that was connected to Australia. So I came back for more....and here I am, writing another story what's going on in Perth photography scene.

A few weeks ago (8 of February) there was a networking event in Huzzard Studio where local creatives could meet-up, do some shooting in a shared space and change contacts for future projects. Over 50 people from different backgrounds and different stories rocked up. Good music, wine and snacks started out this evening fine.

I met so many other photographers and so many good looking models. I asked my two friends to come over too - Jordan and Luke. We kinda had a shortage of male models. After basic meet and greet, we had a free corner to shoot models or whoever wanted to be in front of the camera. I took my time and shot later that night. I don't like it when there is a line behind me waiting for their turn to shoot. I need room and time to do good work and every time I pick up a camera I wanna do good work. Be good or be good at it.

This time I didn't do any planning or did not have any vision in mind, but there was few keynotes I noticed.

  • good relations with model makes work so much easier (and a glass of wine)

  • even with five-axis stabilization shutter speed have to be faster than the focal length (quite a few blurred images)

  • music plays such a HUGE role in mood and interaction

If this event happened a few weeks ago why I'm writing this about now?

Well, first of all, it was a good event for networking and pretty soon they're gonna be a similar event happening soon. If you are interested more go to Huzzard Studio Facebook page and click Follow.

Thank you for your attention.

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