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In the light of the studio.

MODEL: Rattana Gee

STUDIO: Huzzard Studios

I love spending time in the studio. I love controlling the light to give and create a mood. And recently my favorite subject is minimalism in fashion. I practice minimalism in my life daily - especially in my home.


My favorite studio in Perth is definitely Huzzards and the following session also took place in there. And I'm really happy about this collab. I found her on my Instagram followers list. Sometimes I like to scroll through who I'm following and why I follow them. Mostly I follow for inspiration, some people because of their stories behind the camera and some of them are my friends, models, buddies, clients. And when I found her. Her portfolio looks decent and decided to write to her. After a few positive messages, I knew how I would like to see her in front of the camera and what she should wear - a vision.


For me, knowing the model has a big part in my job, especially for personal projects. It helps me to guide them better in front of the camera, sets more tailored expectations for the outcome, establishes boundaries and shows a bit how capable the person is. And I gotta say that I've met some very impressive and stunning talent here - females and males.


Rattana is a Thai girl and she likes two things - cooking and gym. Very easy to interact with and well prepared for a photo session. She was like a blank canvas ready for everything, it felt like she didn't bring any of her EGO on the set. It was so refreshing so I could express and mold my ideas freely.


Preparation is the key and we contacted back and forth before session - clothing options, make-up, shoes and bit of lighting. And I'm absolutely pleased with the outcome. Another fine addition to my and her portfolio.

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