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Let´s get to know our Perth top photographers

2020 was a hard year for many of us. Things that kept us alive were Netflix, memes and food delivery. It was also the year of ideas and growth - I saw so many posts on socials what I´m gonna do once the quarantine was over. Same applied to me. I developed an idea for video series that can be beneficial for professional and beginning still-image creatives.


This series main focus currently is on Perth top photographers, models and everyone related to creating digital or print still content. Local or foreign talents share their stories about professional work, confidence and what is important in their line of work or business.

It grew from my curiosity. I remember clearly times where I was not sure about when or how to ask money for my services. Or when I posted photo some photography group and just got feedback, that professionals don't do that. Or heard some of my customers that photographers usually don´t guide them on posing. So I got all those questions for myself - what makes a professional photographer? what are big no-no-s on set? when I should ask money for my services? which ones are my best photos? what is my go-to method/ trick?


The first episode I made with extremely talented and busy photographer Chris Huzzard. I admire his light-sensing ability and superb communication skills. He is the owner of Huzzard Studios and international fashion photographer. Two words that describe him well would be - humble and polite. I have learned so much from him and still, I have so much learn from him. What I most admire about him is his ability to communicate with models - models feel comfortable, they give the right attitude and connection to the camera. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO... or could be Perth top photographer, model or MUA in your opinion then please let me know. I think this Youtube series is useful for all who take part - it´s good promotional material for a person whos being interviewed, viewers who are beginning or thinking of being a photographer and for people outside of the industry who use photographing services.

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