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Gem Hunting - Meet & Cruise at Malaga

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

One thing I love (there is quite a few) about Perth that every week it has least 2-3 car meet-ups. I don´t mean like 5-7 cars meet up in parking lot and doing donuts with their half-ass tuned cars. I mean proper cars, proper tuning, proper investment, and proper care. It is a highly saturated environment with all different kinds of models and makers.

Automotive shoots back home went usually two ways - BMW or Audi. They are two big competitive brands. Yeah, we had meet-ups also, but proper meet-ups usually happen in summer (which are 3 months in good luck) and proper ones happen only 2-3 times in a month. JDM CENTRAL MEET & CRUISE IN MALAGA

Beautiful evening, not too hot and just finished one studio shoot with an amazing individual. Luckily Facebook algorithms have figured out that there are only a few kind events I would drag myself out for - car meet-ups is one of them. I have RSVP-d many car meet-up events but only rocked up for a few. I think it is a perfect hunting ground for finding new gems for portfolio and possibly new clients. And as always get some on-scene shots.

never in my life I thought that police gonna use KIA

On-scene shots turned quickly into reportage photos as police decided to enter the scene and block all exits of the parking lot. So the fun begins - people got bit restless, little bit taunting here and there but it all remained civilized.

some fancier vehicles


Actually the police were really nice there and I met one pro-police officer. He came to my car while I was going through one of those road stops, called me out by name. I was "How the F you know my name mate?" ...obviously database...We had a fun little banter that he has a good memory and how we had a fight in Northbridge. I went along with it and had good fun.

[DISCLAIMER I have never hit on-duty police officer]

Just feel bad about guys who got the yellow sticker. Yellow sticker here in Australia means that you have to go to the pit to get road worthy back - it all costs.


It was a social event, met some cool owners of the cool cars and offer my services. I was walking around my business cards in the back pocket and admiring some creativity and power under the hood. A perfect evening for a fantastic day.

Now, as always some keynotes I have paid my attention for:

Good about this session

  • I socialized with lots of people

  • shooting angles

  • took pictures of police when they were doing their jobs

Not so good about this session

  • use of light

  • while shooting manual mode I need to practice faster switching of settings

  • knowing my rights in public place - I have an idea of it but no certainty

For the next session

  • tripod for long exposure shots to get movement in

  • flash or small LED panel light for detail shots


It was a good night out and I enjoyed the view. One of my wishes is to shoot same type of Nissan Skyline that was in the first "Fast & Furious" movie. So if you know anybody, feel free to share this post and they can find my contact info section of this webpage. Just saying that I´ll be willing to do it for pro-bono.

The good news is that I´m setting up two shoots with one of the Perth city fanciest Mitsubishi Lancers. One is gonna be definitely a persona story because I find her fascinating. I´m gonna leave here one teaser of the one the cars I´m going to shoot.

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