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Minimalism and shadows

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

MODEL: Jess Mutter

JEWELLRY: Bianca Gayle Jewellry

STUDIO: Huzzard Studio

Jess was one of the models whom I met on the "Essence of Australia" photoshoot - which I realize now that I haven't written about it...yet. She was one of the models who showed up keen interest to work with future projects and was open about opportunities. One thing that really impressed me was that she sent me a text message instead of a DM or Facebook chat. Since when we have done two sessions with her.


One thing that caught me by surprise that she is a country girl - likes outback, country music and horses. For the shoot, she bought a nice pair of country boots. At the moment she has to do very important decisions what shes wants to do with her life - does she wanna be a lawyer or psychologist. Anyway, I wish her all the best in her decision making!


One thing that me and the model wanted most definitely to do was mood board. It is an old trick that I learned back in school to open up the model. You go through six negative moods and six positive ones - you tell a model mood and she has to act it and you capture it with your camera. It is a really good "warm-up exercise" with beginner models. Once you have all the facial muscles warmed up, you can carry on with the session.

Also good thing is to come on set those emotions written down, so you can shout out them. Starting figuring out them on set in timeconsuming and bit unprofessional. Obviously not gonna do that with big commercial shoots, but also you wouldn't hire beginner models on these kinds of sessions anyway. For this session, we purely did it for fun.


In this session, I focused on minimalism and played around with shadows. I adore minimalistic style - I think well done minimalistic photo can give more food for thought than an overly saturated photo. The model was well prepared with clothing choices but we ended up using only two pieces, which one of was mine. Just wanna declare that you don't need fancy clothes for a good photo session.


I left very pleased with this session. I enjoy working with Jess, she's still raw in some points but once she clicks she'll bring amazing connection with the camera. And damn how she could swing a leg on heels in evening dress - I need this kind of balance for my martial art classes. Looking forward to working with her soon.

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