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One exposure, double the fun

The first nude photo was taken in 1840, less than a year after the invention of photography. Actually it was taken by one of the inventors and of himself - I don't know if it was the first selfie but it is a first staged photo. A naked body has been an interest for artists since the beginning of the times and it still is.


I genuinely feel that the human body is the most perfect art piece that is EVER created. Look how much it can do - from dancing to fitness to yoga to mountain climbing to so much more. How it can move and adjust to the environment we spend our time in. It's just absolutely astounding!

One of the thing that I regret a bit that I didn't let or take photos of myself when I was in top shape. I have only one selfie in front of the mirror where the camera flash is covering my face. I thought it's gonna last and taking photos of myself is egoistic and show-off. I saw one video of a strongman - Elliott Hulse. His mindset and training schedule was one of the things that I admired for a long time. He has a really good point about sculpturing your body and showing off. You don't do art piece which you have dedicated and put a lot of work in it and hide it in the closet. That is another reason why I like to do boudoir photography.


It's actually a lot of work to get two models on set and "click" with each other. Luckily, in this case, I worked with professionals. They had two meetings beforehand to get to know each other and discover boundaries. To be totally honest this shoot was one the models' idea and she pulled the weight to get it together. So big thank you to her!

Oh, and one mental note to me for the next time - let the model choose the music. It's all about him or her. It is a revealing and vulnerable place to be, so it takes lots of courage to step out and interact with the camera. To be honest, I think I would not have the audacity to do that. I think I'll be fine with my flash covering mirror selfie. I like to be behind the camera anyways.

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